edito Jacques BailetFor more than forty years MEDICA has been welcoming residents and patients into its facilities. Today, MEDICA is one of the leading players in the dependency care market in France and Italy.

Over the past ten years, MEDICA has seen steady, controlled expansion as a result of strong internal growth and strategic acquisitions. The company’s success is based on its unique human capital, its widely recognized market expertise and its financial strength, recently enhanced by an Initial Public Offering on the Paris stock exchange and an increase in capital.

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The Korian and Medica combined shareholders’ meetings held today have approved the merger through absorption of Medica by Korian.

This transaction marks the completion of the merger project launched on November 18th, 2013. Korian and Medica are combining their strengths and expertise to create the first European group specialized in Ageing Well.

With over 57,000 beds, a leading position in four key European markets, France, Germany, Italy and Belgium, close to 700 establishments, and 39,800 employees, we are setting out on a tremendous adventure: that of a French-based group with world resonance, recognized for its expertise and care quality, with a strong growth plan that is at once a great human endeavor, useful to our societies, and a platform to create the new services that will address the challenges of population ageing.